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7621 - 101 Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta, T6A 0J6

Experience the healing power of a John of God Crystal Bed, located at the Centre for Spiritual Living in Edmonton.

What to Expect

People have reported the following from a Crystal bed treatment:

  • deep relaxation
  • calming your mind and thoughts
  • subtle energy shifts
  • increased energy
  • elevation of mood
  • pain reduction
  • feeling of expansion of emotional and physical restrictions
  • release of negative emotions
  • deepened spiritual insights
  • better sleep
  • reduced anxiety

For testimonials and a chance to tell us your experiences, please visit this page.


What to Expect from your first crystal bed healing session

  • You may ask for what you want help with and direct your requests to John of God’s “Entities” or to the One Source or to the name you pray with.  Some people like to write their requests. We have intention cards and if you choose, you can keep your intentions with you or you are welcome to place your intentions in the Prayer Triangle blessed by John of God on the wall in the treatment room. We will burn these intentions as a metaphor of your release.
  • It is recommended (not required) to wear white to your session or light colors. You may bring a light blanket (white preferred or light color) if you tend to get cold.
  • Please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled time. If you are late, you will get the remaining time that is left in your session. So, please arrive a few minutes early…
  • Please remove shoes and all jewelry.
  • We will check in about your special requests for The John of God Spirit Entities at the beginning of your session.  You will then lay on the bed, face up, with your legs and arms at your sides (uncrossed). This allows the energy to flow openly.
  • An eye cloth will be placed over your eyes. In general:  please keep your eyes closed throughout your session. Allow yourself be open and relaxed. The crystals will be adjusted to go directly over body energy centres/chakras.
  • You may feel the crystals immediately upon entering the room or soon after they are turned on. You may feel relaxed, sleepy, or energized. Enjoy your unique experience. Every experience is perfect.
  • You may have a similar experience to someone else or you may not. You may have a similar experience every time you have a session or you yourself may have a different experience every time you receive a Crystal Bed Light Healing session. It is all most appropriate.
  • John of God’s Spirit Entities (phalange) are psychic surgeons. They are able to come through and work on people while they are under the crystals. Be open to the mystery of the Divine.
  • After your session please take time to ground yourself before driving in your car. It is recommended that you sit for a few minutes. You will be provided with blessed water after your session and it is recommended that you drink plenty of water throughout the next 3 days.
  • Please do not touch the Crystals above you.

Booking and Payment Methods

The Crystal Bed is located at the Centre for Spiritual Living in Edmonton.

To make an appointment, visit our schedule page.

You may also pay in person at the Concierge table at a Sunday Celebration at the Centre for Spiritual Living Edmonton (using debit, cash, credit card or cheque).

If you have a gift certificate, please check this page.

Wondering why you can't just pay when you come? The Crystal Bed facilitators are all volunteers, and we are trying to keep processes simple for them. Please understand that we are not a business; we don't have a till or point-of-sales system in the Crystal Bed room.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If it is more than 24 hours before your appointment, please login to Schedulicity and cancel or change your appointment time yourself. You are responsible for the full amount of your session if you no-show or cancel with less than 24 hours notice. If for some reason you must cancel with less than 24-hours notice, please notify Lisa by email at lisarpare [at] and call 780-469-1909 ext 105.


Share with us

We love to hear your personal experiences!  Please email to share your experience, or go to this page.

John of God, Oprah and interpreter Heather Cummings

John of God, Oprah and interpreter Heather Cummings